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LG’s swiveling ‘Wing’ phone allegedly revealed

LG was accounted to be working on a dual-screen mobile phone codenamed called “Wing” earlier this year having a swiveling design. At the base with the bigger screen situated in landscape orientation, While a past Wing mockup showed a littler screen this video shows how the device could function with the main screen in the picture and the secondary screen off to the side. Android Authority claims to have an exclusive video of the phone in real life.

In the video, a driver is using the bigger screen for the GPS route with the second screen’s music controls. At that point, when a call comes in, it’s taken care of on the littler display without darkening the driving directions.

It’s a flawless use case that appears as though it would make a lot in this situation. Obviously, the greatest inquiry is the thing that tradeoffs LG has needed to make with the Wing’s structure, the video doesn’t show the turning activity moving, nor how massive the device is contrasted with an ordinary phone. Software support would also be vital, as we’ve seen with LG’s double screen phones like the Velvet and the G8X.

However, still, this is an exceptional thought and we’re here for it. Ideally, we discover all the more soon; the phone is supposedly planned for launch this year.

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